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We devise polished experiences online!

The Brandexact is a full-scale Digital Marketing Agency based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. We combine our years of experience and grasp to curate solutions for our clients which are not only execution driven, but also inventive and creative. We are running superb digital campaigns for our clients, even as you browse through!

And More Digital.

Marketing brands with care & attention.

What is marketing if it is not driven by the art of execution?

We create online experiences that leave an imprint on the buyer’s perspective, achieving the end goal. Trust us with making sure your brand is put out the right way and has an appeal like no other, with high focus on performance marketing.

Digital Strategy
Public Relation and Media Planning
Social Media Marketing
Website Design & Development

Content Creation

Tell Your Tale

Great content keeps one posted, enlightens and leaves room for a lot of inspiration. It builds an online presence by encouraging credibility and faith while relating as equals with your target audience. This road can take your brand to the dream destination.

Discussions for the content to be created are done efficiently. We nurture those discussions into bonds and, eventually, sales, by sharing great stories about your business, through just the right type of content, delivered at the right time on all the correct channels.

Game Plan, Creativity with Amazing Results!

Our outlook is backed by strategy, creativity and enhanced for results.

We get that each client that we welcome on board is one of a kind and so we have developed a reliable process that we know works really nicely. Our method and application put the user at the core of the journey from the start. By working, replaying, and renewing through a pre-defined set of phase-wise plans, we create sleek, pleasing to see and usable solutions that rock and roll out the desired results.

All-Inclusive Digital Solutions

Insights, Metrics and Analytics – Everything is intertwined!

In a digital world where everything’s connected comes with a connecting thread, we believe that the approach to digital communications has to be stacked-up too. Our approach merges creativity & technology, creating a perfect blend for a diverse spread of digital marketing disciplines — from mobile and responsive web design to search and social media campaigns — one stop for it all.

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Brand Analysis

Our dedicated team runs your brand’s SWOT analysis. We offer proprietary full-funnel marketing & analytics to ensure long-term growth.

Aplify your reach

Leave the nitty gritties to us! We elevate your online presence organically while converting leads into loyal customers and followers – sending your brand’s name echoing across the digital sphere.

High-impact ROI Campaigns

Let’s design campaigns that take your industry by storm and draw in the numbers through a thorough social media calendar that persists on tangible returns and intelligent design.

Content Ideation

We’ll bring your business to life! How your brand is perceived is fundamental to your product or service. Your brand image paves the way for the expression and tone you want to set for your audience.

Minutiae Studio

Our office, Our Studio, Our Home

Where we create magic

Minutiae studio is a multi-purpose conceptual studio loaded with full-circle aesthetics and a heck lot of natural lighting. the chill vibe of the space speaks subtle volumes of creative freedom, from brainstorming ideas to their full execution. the moment you would step inside, the welcoming aura of the space would plug in your creative batteries. Is any extra help needed for your project? we’ve got you covered. FYI, minutiae is the brainchild of the brand exact, where a team of talented individuals is always brewing something captivating.

Your one stop solution to product photography, apparel and fashion photography, reels, content creation and beyond.